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About the Journal
Marketing Libraries
Journal (MLJ) is a new, open-access, peer reviewed scholarly journal that is international in scope. It is devoted to advancing research in library marketing and its components (public relations, publicity, outreach, advocacy, and marketing communications).  The Journal is open to all libraries; public, academic, and special.   We invite article submissions from authors who are trained librarians (MLS/MLIS) and library professionals working in marketing positions. Marketing Libraries Journal (MLJ) is independently published, and open access.

Types of Submissions

There are two types of manuscripts for this journal:
  1. Articles (double blind peer reviewed, 20-25 pages): research-driven articles that aim to provide original scholarship in the field of library marketing, communications, and outreach.
     2. Practical articles (peer reviewed, 8-10 pages):  articles that focus on best practices and advice. They are written in a formal, academic tone.

Practical Articles are reviewed by a team of Column Editors. Column editors seek submissions in the following columns below:

Advocacy: articles that focus on developing relationships with stakeholders to help raise awareness and loyalty for library services and resources. This may relate to communicating with government, administration, and the greater community
Branding: articles that illustrate how libraries develop their visual identity for their services and resources.
From the Trenches: articles that show outcomes of a particular marketing initiative or campaign.
Marketing Campaigns:  case studies of a marketing campaign and the desired outcomes and objectives sought.
Technology : reviews of particular tools or resources that help them in their marketing efforts. They should be focused on library marketing, graphic design, public relations, social media promotion, and outreach. They should be written in a formal, academic tone. They should be unbiased and provide a critical analysis of the specific technology tool with comparisons to other technology tools. 

Marketing Libraries Journal (MLJ) is published twice a year.

Peer Review

Marketing Libraries Journal undergoes a double blind peer review process. If you are interested in serving as a peer reviewer or serve as part of the advisory board, please email

Open Access

The Journal is open access "gold" and "green". There are no author processing fees. Authors are never charged any article submission or processing fees. Both readers and authors can access articles for free. Authors can self archive their articles at the time of publication. Authors can self archive in digital repositories or on their own personal websites at publication. Please ensure to indicate the URL of the journal when self archiving.  Authors retain copyright and full publishing rights. Articles are published under a CC-BY-NC-SA license.

Plagiarism Policy
Plagiarism is the act of copying another person’s words or ideas and passing them as your own. Plagiarism is unethical and Marketing Libraries Journal (MLJ) will not accept or publish manuscripts that have been plagiarized. Authors may not copy or incorporate ideas without proper attribution. They also must not reuse previously published work, unless the publication allows the author to reuse or repurpose their work. Self plagiarism, the act of copying or reusing your own work in another manuscript is also considered plagiarism and Marketing Libraries Journal will not publish any manuscripts that have been identified as plagiarized.  Plagiarism refers to any copied text or ideas.  Plagiarism can occur with any text (book, newspaper, magazine, academic journal, or web site). Plagiarism may be accidental, intentional, or self plagiarized. Please ensure that your manuscripts are properly cited.  To ensure that all manuscripts are published with appropriate ethical standards, Marketing Libraries Journal will submit all manuscripts to TurnItIn, a plagiarism prevention software application. Turnitin will help the editors in detecting passages that may have been copied without proper attribution.

Indexing and Discoverability
Marketing Libraries Journal is indexed in WorldCat, Directory of Open Access Journals, Ulrich's Periodicals Directory, and the international ISSN database.
In 2019, we hope to be indexed in SHERPA/RoMEO and in select EBSCO databases, including Library and Information Science Source and ERIC.


Marketing Libraries Journal, 2018

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