Staying Connected: Best Practices for Online Marketing and Outreach

Lisa Martin, University of Houston Libraries 

Orolando Duffus,  University of Houston Libraries 

Mea Warren, University of Houston Libraries

Marketing Libraries Journal, volume 5, issue 1, pages 147-165.

Abstract: In spring 2020, US universities were forced to transition to online learning and libraries were challenged to continue supporting their campuses in a completely online environment. The Liaison Services Department at the University of Houston first took a collaborative approach to this challenge, gathering ideas and suggestions into a best practices document for online outreach. Second, members investigated a variety of tools as they worked remotely, ultimately selecting tools to successfully support the university community via online outreach. This article describes a case study covering the process of creating best practices and investigating communications tools, which could be useful for academic libraries seeking new ways to do outreach in a constantly changing environment.

Keywords: Outreach best practices, collaborative outreach, virtual learning tools, online outreach, communications tools

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Citation to article:

Martin, L., Duffus, O., & Warren, M. (2021). Staying Connected: Best Practices for Online Marketing and Outreach.  Marketing Libraries Journal, 5(1), 147-165.