ABCs of Marketing Virtual Programs

Kristin Linscott, Plano Public Library
Rachel Hadidi, Phd, Plano Public Library
Benjamin Baron, Plano Public Library

Marketing Libraries Journal, volume 6, issue 1, pages 23-41.
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Abstract: Plano Public Library shares tips based on experience marketing over 650 virtual programs since March 2020, drawing more than 15,000 participants. Ideas for building and promoting quality programs are outlined with respect to audience, branding, and coordination. Suggestions provide direction for connecting with adult audiences, as well as children and families. The authors advocate collaborating with community partners to add credibility and reach new audiences. Suggested keys to effective coordination include an inward focus on communication and processes within the library team and an outward focus on developing effective promotional partners and plans. Strategies for continual process improvement are recommended.

Keywords: Virtual Programming, Zoom, Marketing, Branding, Promotion, collaborative partnerships


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Linscott, K., Hadidi, R., & Baron, B. (2022).  ABCs of Marketing Virtual Programs.  Marketing Libraries Journal, 6(1), 23-41. Retrieved from