Reshaping Academic Outreach Using LibInsight
By Jessica Kiebler, Pace University, and Bonnie Lafazan, Berkeley College, Woodbridge Campus

Marketing Libraries Journal, volume 4, issue 2, pages 21-36.

Abstract: Some libraries are tracking metrics, such as instruction data and usage statistics, to illustrate the impact that their services are having on student retention and success. The data can be used as libraries advocate for adequate budgets, demonstrating the valued roles they play in the academic community. In addition to the traditional data collected, library outreach activities are used to demonstrate engagement with college communities and have a positive impact on student experience. The Berkeley College Library developed an outreach planning and assessment strategy using unified monthly initiatives across eight library locations, including an online campus, to measure Berkeley Library’s impact across the entire college. This article explains how the Library’s Outreach & Marketing Committee evaluated its methods for measuring library impact and how the Committee formulated a solution for effectively tracking outreach data to demonstrate the library’s value.

Keywords: Library outreach, assessment data, LibInsight, library programming

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Citation to article:

Kiebler, J. & Lafazan, B. (2020). Reshaping Academic Outreach Using LibInsight.  Marketing Libraries Journal, 4(2), 21-36.