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Marketing Competency for Information Professionals: The Role of Marketing Education in Library and Information Science Education Programs

Dr. Rajesh Singh

Marketing Libraries Journal, volume 1, issue 1, pages 60-83.
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Abstract: Marketing is recognized as an important competency for information
professionals. However, most library and information science (LIS) schools still fall short when it comes to offering a separate marketing course on a regular basis. Even though marketing has been a popular topic in the LIS profession, some information professionals still have sparse or erroneous perceptions about marketing. Consequently, due to a narrow worldview, they perceive marketing to be a tool for “buying and selling” or solely as a promotional tool. This paper makes the case for LIS schools to provide thorough education and training in marketing for future information professionals. In keeping with this goal, a review of the online marketing curricula of 60 American Library Association-accredited graduate schools in the Unoted States and Canada demonstrates the current landscape of LIS marketing education in relation to the demand for marketing skills and the increasing significance of these competencies for information professionals. Qualitative findings from student reflections on a marketing course suggest that marketing education and training can be immensely powerful in laying a strong foundation of marketing knowledge for information professionals. It is vitally important for LIS schools to bridge the existing gaps in marketing education to meet the professional
demands for marketing and associated skills.

Keywords: marketing, advocacy, public relations, outreach, LIS education


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