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Marketing Academic Library Usage: A Connecticut Case Study

Viviana Nicholas, Central Connecticut State University
Renata Vickrey, Central Connecticut State University
Carl Antonucci, Central Connecticut State University
Ben Tyson, Central Connecticut State University

Marketing Libraries Journal, volume 2, issue 1, pages 108-142.
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Abstract: This article presents a case study for targeted marketing of academic library services, beginning with an audience research project conducted at a modest-sized, urban university in Connecticut. The project described in this article assessed students, professors, and community members’ beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors regarding past and intended future use of services. Research findings helped administrators develop plans for promoting services with these patrons, which are summarized in the article. The methods and outcomes of this research may
be of interest to academic libraries at similar institutions elsewhere as they develop their own strategies for promoting their services.

Keywords: academic library services, marketing academic libraries, marketing communication plan, audience research, marketing campaign development


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