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Look Inward for External Success: The Importance of Internal Marketing

Katie Auman

Marketing Libraries Journal, volume 1, issue 1, pages 17-25
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Abstract: Marketers often overlook one of the most important pieces to branding and marketing success: getting the staff on board early and developing brand ambassadors who embody and “live the brand.” In other words: internal marketing. When planning for a large marketing campaign that included introducing a new library tagline, Connect to Curiosity, the Communications team at Poudre River Public Library District recognized early in our planning process that the most critical step in our public rollout of the new tagline would be an internal one. This article is an overview of the goals, strategies, and take-aways from our internal marketing

Keywords: internal marketing, branding, brand ambassadors, marketing campaigns, practical approach

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Auman, K. (2017). Look Inward for External Success: The Importance of Internal Marketing. Marketing Libraries Journal, 1(1), 17-25. Retrieved from


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