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Plano Public Library: Engaging the Community Through Art

Kristin Linscott, Beth Morgan, Rachel Yzaguirre, Rachel Hadidi, Tammy Korns, and Kerri Rubens

Marketing Libraries Journal, volume 1, issue 1, pages 49-59.
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Abstract: What is the role of the public library in communities? Does it go beyond
books, databases, and learning resources? How can libraries add value to communities, enhancing quality of life for citizens, young and old? Art is essential for expressing cultural identity and promoting the growth of ideas. Plano Public Library embraces art within its organizational vision, utilizing exhibits and participatory art. Engaging the community in art activities provides opportunities for citizens to discover the breadth of services and programs available at the library. The Art in the Library program enhances the livability of Plano and the quality of life for its citizens.

Keywords: art, artist, exhibit, Artist in Residence


Citation to article:

Linscott, K. , Morgan, B.,  Yzaguirre, R., Hadidi, R.,  Korns, T., & Rubens,K. (2017). Plano Public Library: Engaging the Community Through Art. Marketing Libraries Journal, 1(1), 49-59. Retrieved from


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