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Creating a Communication Advisory Committee and New Marketing Tools

Tallie Casucci, University of Utah
Donna Baluchi, University of Utah
Peter Strohmeyer, University of Utah

Marketing Libraries Journal, volume 2, issue 1, pages 61-66.
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Abstract: This article outlines the creation, goals, and initial projects of the Communication Advisory Committee at the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library at the University of Utah. EHSL created the committee to provide marketing and public relations support that was not otherwise available at the university, with the purpose of streamlining communication, providing consistent messaging, and connecting the various internal marketing-related services, resources, and expertise that were available in the library. The committee sought to carry out this purpose by advising library employees on how to effectively promote and communicate
their projects and events. The committee developed and maintained tools and guides for reaching intended audiences, measuring success, and reporting on outcomes. This article will share the initial steps and projects that went into creating these tools and will explore future directions they might take. This article’s overview of the advisory committee and its work will present a possible solution to institutions facing similar challenges.

Keywords: strategic communication, marketing, promotion, libraries


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Citation to article:

Casucci, T., Baluchi, D., & Strohmeyer, P. (2018).  Creating a Communication Advisory Committee and New Marketing Tools. Marketing Libraries Journal, 2(1), 61-66. Retrieved from


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