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Hooking your Audience: Tailored Instruction Marketing

Karen Doster-Greenleaf, Georgia State University
Amy Stalker, Georgia State University

Marketing Libraries Journal, volume 2, issue 1, pages 67-74.
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Abstract: Reaching a targeted audience is the crux of any good marketing plan, but selecting the right strategies can ensure one’s message is heard. In 2016, Georgia State University Library, Dunwoody Campus, adopted a new approach toward faculty outreach via a liaison program. The library launched a multiyear marketing plan focused on tailoring promotional materials and new strategies to specific faculty with the goal of increasing instruction numbers and collaboration. This article outlines strategic development of the marketing plan, the most successful tactics, and recommendations for promotional materials, overall impact, and future directions.

Keywords: academic libraries, library outreach programs, guerilla marketing, instruction, faculty collaboration

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Doster-Greenleaf, K.,  & Stalker, K. (2018). Hooking your Audience: Tailored Instruction Marketing. Marketing Libraries Journal, 2(1), 67-74. Retrieved from


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