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Rethinking Facebook: An Exploration

Elaine M. Lasda, University at Albany, SUNY

Cary F. Gouldin, Wheaton College Massachusetts

Amanda M. Lowe, University at Albany, SUNY

Marketing Libraries Journal, volume 4, issue 1, pages 81-106.

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Abstract: This two-phase study began as an exploration of Facebook usage at academic libraries and resulted in the discovery of the broader implications for social media management. In Phase One of this study, the authors looked at the Facebook pages of a sampling of academic libraries to determine the combination of time, resources, and planning that would lead to success on Facebook. To assess this, they took a mixed-method approach that compared the results of a survey of page administrators with data pulled from the library’s Facebook pages to see what insight could be gleaned. Phase Two of this study looks at how the results of Phase One have influenced the social media strategies at two very different academic libraries: one at a research university, the other at a small liberal arts college, despite the waning of Facebook as a prime source of social media engagement among college students. This study also highlights the importance of continuity planning for social media activities to ensure continued success.

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